Monday, March 17, 2008

monday. 17 march

today school reopen le. but i have no school on mondays and fridays due to the change in schedule for intensive revision. but being such a girl and hardworking student, =)=) i still went to school to study by myself. determined right? hehehe...

went to tanjong pajar to meet mingyue to pass her the shoe then went to meet my friend to collect a textbook that i wanted. after that went to raffles place to get my dress altered.
for dinner, meet chaoyuan at marina square. cause very long didn't see him and talk to him le. chatted for some time before going IMM to meet my brother to close shop.

last weekend did many stuff. saturday went t sentosa to be a one-day tourist. haha... played lots of stuffs ... so long never tried such fun stuff le. then went to city hall Sudoku Restaurant to celebrate miaohui's belated birthday. then went to TOPONE KTV which is at bugic Icon building.
it's damn grand lor. every floor has different theme. damn tired. until 0530 then took cab home le.

sunday did nothing but stayed home! first time stayed home for so long lor!! haiz... luckily got my laptop to entertain me. use msn. hahaha... then after that went over to giam's place to collect equipment to send it to my boss place. he so kelian, missed his flight. supposed to friday reached home but ended up sunday. haiz. think he sure complain to cathay one. hahaha....

haiz.. late le... anyway, i made a resolution to wake up at 0800 to go school to study everyday. i will try to find the momentum like last time, being able to wake up like 0630 and study and sleep at 0200 after studying... haha.... but this time wake up 0800 can le lar.. haha...
must wake me up ok?? hehehehe....

JiaYou!!! =)=)=)
haiz. my apple didn't arrive today. =(

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