Saturday, March 22, 2008

all these happened over the weekend:

met up with 2H for diner and movie. met yuez at plaza singapura then walked over to Paradiz Centre to eat tao's Restaurant.

it's a 7-course dinner ... and e food is not bad. worth it lar...
but problem is, after the appetizer and starters, i'm already full.. hahaha....
some of the pictures that i took.

items: fruit salad(fruits/cucumber/crastick on top) , via with her farm-boy salad (like caesar salad with chicken strips), my pork ribs, flounder with cheese and steak.

the bill for the 7-course is i think 28++ ...

after that, i had to drive ann's car cause he wanted to walk to cathay to get his shaving stuff. so i had to drive to ps. ... and the funniest part came. via, yuez and me went to the PROTON SEMI-AUTO car... and saw a lizard at the passenger door. and we SCREAMEDDDD!!!!!!! yes, in the carpark. tot we were crazy. we couldn't dare to get in the car. went the brave yuez used two A4 size paper to sweep the lizard away, we rushed into the car and SLAM the car door. (think e door may drop anytime) hahaha... next, i was wandering how to drive off. cause the gear box is totally different from the normal ones.(it returns back to the original position even if u changed gear) ... took me like 2minutes to figure it out. after that, on the road, we felt like we were using OSIM's UZAP. why?? cause everytime when i move off, it gets like vibrating motion. like half-clutch feeling. totally hate it. we laughed all the way until we got to ps.

Conclusion? NEVER BUY A PROTON CAR!!!!! hahha...

then went to ps to collect ticket to watch Rule #1.

erm, it's not scary lar. some parts are gross. but overall i think it's a comedy. hahaha.... Rule #1: There are no ghost in this world.

but the last part was slightly confusing thou. cause ending has like two of them is real another one was a story related to the officer.

my rating: 3/5 bites.

There's alot of movies right now... hmmm... i wanna watch STEP UP 2!!!! and also THE ORPHANAGE!!!!! anyone interested??????????

*ahem!* (yuez darling, u owe me a promise that wasn't fulfilled) hehehe.....


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