Friday, July 04, 2008




stupid T******** , now say i start work only in late august ... when i've already rejected the accounting firm... !!!!!!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna scream!!!!!!!

Now I have nothing to do.... except one rental project i have ... haiz... argh!!!!!!!!!

Now gotta find other jobs to pass my time away... really cannot tahan tai-tai lifestyle...

calm down...

Went to NUH appointment yesterday at the Day Surgery clinic. Will be admitted for one day then next day discharged. wanted to do the surgeryon 6 august.. but mr bf say .. dun want.. but it will be so much fun!!! hehe... special eh... haha... operations only on tuesday or wednesday ... so .. it will be on August 13...

anyway, yesterday went to the newly renovated Chinatown Food Centre for dinner.. Well, i still prefer the old one next to the MRT .. cause it seems more lively .. the new one not many people . and don't look new too... haha ...
then mr. bf sent me home... he bought me a pillow with a photo on it. =) ..

well, i did give him something thou... An 18 hr masterpiece ... hahaha... no la... not masterpiece... just a scrapbook.. hehe ... but quite disappointed cause not very nice... haiz ..

although yesterday was fun, but still, some things will always linger .. decisions to be made and other factors to think of.. haiz.. damn sad and worried when i heard it... haiz... =(

Happy 1st month sgt blur. =)

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