Thursday, August 07, 2008

Birthday 2008

Thanks to EVERYONE for the presents and/or wishes! Really appreciate and love you guys!

Shall start talking about ... MY BIRTHDAY!!! oh! before i continue, let me do the disclaimer: Please note that this post is rather 'hair-standing', thus if you can't stand, please don't read.

haha... erm... i really enjoyed tis year's birthday... at 12 midnight sharp, mr bf was at my door step wishing me happy birthday and singing a super beautiful birthday song.. haha anyway ... someone(READ: the idiot whom i mentioned) was lying the whole time... first, i thought he had live range that day.. so we agreed to meet up after 530pm for dinner... then when i finish work at 1230pm... that idiot (i shall not name, but if u dun know, it's Sgt Loi...) hehehe... erm.. that idiot was standing in front of the lobby.. hahaha... dunno what to say also.. kinda shocked cause .. such a blur person also can find harbourfront centre.. haha.. and, bought me an egg tart which i've been craving for. but one thing, he forgot to buy a cake (Note: He's an idiot who lies!!)...

Then, he planned a steamboat at home.. hahaha... =) ...

While we were on the car, he told me wad my present was... And it really shocked me (yes, another shock) .. he went early to harbourfront before i knock off to get tickets for a beach resort which i've been wanting to go for ages! but the funny thing was... haha... i scolded him. hahaha... for wasting money cause weekend prices is super expensive. although i dunno the price, but it's definitely damn ex... well, that's not it. I got another double shock-attack. another present was the tickets for fireworks festival 2008! hehehe... and u know what?!! i asked him on monday afternoon whether he free on friday not, and he say not free.. -_-", then now i realised he has already bought the tickets on Monday morning! haha... kinda surprising cause it was the same day when i asked him and the time he bought the tickets.. we have telepathy. yea.. haha.. but ... i am really touched at what he did.. everything..

anyway, we went to sheng siong to buy the stuff and went back to prepare. The pot and stuff was already on the table with the soup too.. two of us eating steamboat.. well, we filled up the whole dining table! hahaha... sorry, no pictures cause just totally forgot about it.. haha... the feeling was like ... a candlelight dinner .. without candlelights and it was lunch. erm. eh... so, it's just a lunch. haha.. but! the atmosphere was kinda special... =)...

well, after that, we cleared the stuff... and suddenly appeared with a cake... it really kinda touched me.. the effort to get everything done .. doing it with a one-man show... it's tough.. i really appreciated everything... he sang another birthday song, in chinese now... while he was singing.. i was tearing... haha.. and tearing quite badly. the whole series of events and surprises he made, be it small or big, was really sweet.. =)=)=)=)=)

then we were supposed to watch the dark knight at 7pm .. but then when he fnish bathing, he received a call that the next day he was to report camp at 0630 for live range. then he decided not to watch at 7pm kallang ... and we changed it to 830pm bishan cause he's going back camp to sleep... (who said he will go back everyday when nearing ORD?) hahaa.. but no choice lar.. hmm..
then his dad very cute.. called him to say some stuff.. haha... nvm..

One super super funny thing i must mention!!! On the bus, mingyue msged us to each provide a number for TOTO.. then he sent first cause i was messaging my brother. then when i sent mingyue back the number i chose, she replied me saying both of us (mr bf and me) chose the same number!! hahaha. when both of us received the msg from her, we looked up at each other and start laughing on the bus.. (it was kinda loud) hahaha... isn't it peculiar.. haha... think iwill never forget this.. really damn funny.. poor mingyue... must have thought we were playing a joke.. haha... super telepathy eh? .. haha...

back to the dark knight... mr. blur toppled the popcorn again.. haha.. and he's angry with himself =(=(=(=( ... dun be angry.. mistakes do happen ..correct? ... after that, we took mrt.. he went back to camp and i went home myself le..

I just wanna say... really really thank you.. for everything that u have done, the effort and the thought of making me happy. I really appreciate everything. I will never stop saying thank you.. and i'm sorry.. if you know why i've said it. i am looking forward to the beach resort and.. seafood! Je t'aime baby.

and to end of this post, i shall load whatever pictures i have taken. 2H pictures not here cause i don't have it.
Taken on 2nd month-sary. Loves..

he's most 'natural' smile

my 2nd month kiss, hehe.

nope, he wasn't forced into this.

trying to act cute

My girlfriends =)

the august week 1 babies

And lastly, THANKS BABY!!!! MUACKZ!!!

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