Wednesday, August 13, 2008

operation was over yesterday. supposed to be 45 minute. turned out .. it was 2hrs plus...
was feeling lousy and weak... painful.. cause Doc had to stop my lungs from breathing in order to cut out my nervous sweat glands.
mr. bf was there with me throughout the operation, staying vigilant. made sure my mum and brother was informed of the ops cause they coudn't take off.
had difficulty in breathing now.. and can't really laugh cause my chest will hurt ..and can't really move my arms caus Doc went through my armpit.. my hands are ok... can't sleep well too cause i can't flip sideways to sleep...
but i'm recovering well.. don't worry..
just wanna thank mr bf and his family for taking such good care of me... and for preparing fish porridge and making sure someone is around me to help me in normal walkabout stuff.
and also to mr bf for wasting his leave to come and take care of me...know he's tired... having to wake u 550am every morning and still take care of me... when i was feeling painful from lying down.. and eating trouble... could see his expression... i'm sorry...
i will try to recover as fast as possible.
thanks .. thanks for making sure everything i need was thereright in front of me.... water, controls, medicine, thermometer, books... thanks for staying so vigilant... even a tiny slightest pain u ensured me i'm fine.. think i can't never say enough thanks to you..

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