Monday, August 11, 2008

My first Batam trip =) .. i hope ther's more tocome .. haha..
left to harbourfront reach there around 12pm .. there's was like a super super long queue to enter the boarding entrance... in the end we cut queue cause the boat is departing .. hehe.. it is an hour ride journey.. then reach there.. first thing we did was LOOK FOR A&W!!!!! ... we were starving ... went to Batam Centre Megamall (we dhad a hardtime finding it) ... we ordered like 2 sets of chicken meal plus waffles... shiok!! hehe... ate like a pig.. really miss A&W!! after that went to check in ... the hotel is damn beautiful... got very grand look.. very venice style... one bad thing was... it was raining and there was thunder storm.. which means... we can't even go beach!!!! sobsob... we slacked in the hotel.. walked around the hotel surroundings... the next day we went early to Megamall... why?? TO be the FIRST customer at A&W at 10am!! hehehehe... this time we ordered extra one chicken black pepper rice which cost only $2!!! CHEAP!!! and we ordered chicken soup and extra curly fries on top of what we ordered yesterday.. hahaha... 4 seater table also not enough ... then bought J.Co doughnuts cause half a dozen cost only $4.50 .. heheh... that's why i say i will definitely go back batam for a day trip ...why? for the A&W, the doughnuts .. and i found my favourite JOHNNY ADREAN!!! My CREAMBATH!!! In Indonesia, Johnny Adrean is famous hair salon .. has many outlets all over indonesia. I went for their creambath in jakarta and it cost me only $10. Creambath is a special hair bath which obviously uses cream/ milk like formula..inclusive of a fantastic head massage. for 10 bucks... i think its worth it.. next time will definitely go there for that.. and the movie too... checked and it cost ony $5.00. How cheap is that?! cheaper than malaysia. haha...
well, weekend over le... this week damn busy. friday saturday all burnt. Friday morning got to be at Meritus Mandarin for ALL EMPLOYEE's MEETING for ABBOTT Laboratories and then rushing to work at a seminar in Intercontinental hotel.. saturday until 8.30pm =(( sianz...
tomorrow going for the surgery at NUH at 1015.
anyway, here are some pictures at the hotel..

the entrance. got revolving door!! cool eh?

the ceilings

once u enter..

one thing i realised is.. mr. bf is super vain. hehe... and super cam-lover. haha... likes to act cute and act cool... hahhaa...
but thanks for striking off my wants... muackz

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