Tuesday, May 05, 2009

To my loyal "fans" who complain ...

Ya...Very long to update. Well, this is the last entry before I start exams. Only turn on the computer because i need to print answers.. haha... so I decided to blog before i go on a 'lovely' long holiday.... i mean exams.

Past few weeks have been going to school religiously to study and consult teachers.. Kinda stress because my 3 core subjects are happening consecutively 3 days. damn it man..

Lots of theory to memorise.. sianz..
So, my exam dates are:
14 (Micro)
21 (Corporate finance)
26 (Mgt Accounting)
27 (Financial Reporting)
28 (Auditing & Assurance)

The last three are my killer subjects.... sianz...

Anyway, it's been a damn long time since i have gone out with bf, mates and everyone else....
Our 11th month came and went past and both of us was studying... he rushing for projects too...
And next month is our anniversary but can't celebrate cause mr bf exam period .. -_-" ... haha...

ok. going off liao.

Jiayou to all who is taking exams!!!!

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