Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Special Dedication

It's 2.21am right now. Not sleeping yet. haha. This happens when you know you have nothing to do the next day.

So I decided to do this - A Special Dedication.

To My Family
Thank you for the support and encouragement all these while;
to my eldest brother who always gave me sound advice and supporting me whenever I'm in need of help be it emotionally or financially.
to my elder brother who doesn't disturb me throughout the year and visiting me once a year in CNY. (hahaha.)
to my mummy who took care of me while i'm sick and being a hip mother.
to my dad who calls me often to make sure i'm alright.
Sorry if I have let you down if I get 2nd lower.

To my forever crazy 2H
Thank you for being creating a impact to my life of 10 years and counting.
through the joyness, sadness, angryness, whatever-ness. Yes, everything.
for being happening and being such a crazy lovely bunch of buddies.
The number of chalets we went, the number of suppers, the number of fights in sec sch, it was a hell of fun.
And, for being so considerate of not disturbing me when i was having exams
Sorry for not being able to joing you guys.

To my "white-ty"
Thank you for walking with me and out of the tough period.
For the countless surprise visits to the West to delivery lunch;
the lame jokes when I was down; the effort for making me happy always.
And thank you for taking care of me when i was sick.
Sorry for the bad moods that I've vented on you even though the books were at fault.
Sorry for ignoring you sometimes when you talk to me.

To my friends who have helped me in one way or another.

It's time for me to go for a full body checkup again.
Been having breathing difficulties and hasn't go away yet.
Hope my choleresterol level goes down too.

Good night.

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