Sunday, August 09, 2009

Birthday +Movie Blast

My birthday I was still working till late around 7pm... :( ...
Then after that, had a simple night out with mr. bf for dinner at Chinatown then go walk walk before heading home cause damn tired.. past few days have been working till late.
Anyway, then Friday suddenly just decided to watch movie and I only knew if like 7pm. haha...
All the way to TAMPINES. watched WHERE GOT GHOST. I think... so so only lar.

Then yesterday, met up with 2H again to watch movie at PS for UP!!! ... not bad too...
Both movie our seats at row H... Cinema 3.. haha ... so qiao.

hmm... today national day... but i went to teach tuition and met up my 2nd brother to collect his car and run some errands cause he leaving for Japan ... :(:(:(

And, I just wanna let out some steam.
Sometimes, I just cannot tahan morons. Damn immature and sending some WTH email message... Oh my. Grow up. u think i wanna send u email meh... there's something called mass send emails. -.-"""
Wanted to reply that person, but decided not to waste my braincells. haha...
No use responding to useless people.
My friends are still the best. :)

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