Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boring weekend. :(

I have been practically been in office till 7pm plus last week... doing my current job plus training up for other job scopes that i'm gonna handle.
Come 4th working day of next month, you will either see me die trying to reconcile 25+ pages of bank statement/Balance sheet, or ... I will just die at the end of the day in the Directors' office.
Kinda feeling the pressure.
Honestly, I'm praying they will quickly find a new Manager as well as the Finance Controller.. otherwise, i'm gonna get screwed by the F.D everyday man.

my 2nd brother just came back from Japan yesterday after a week of fun... his spending totalled up to 3,000++ SGD excluding airfare and hotel. Fantastic. Jobless and spending like running water.
My eldest brother went to US on the same day when my 2nd brother came back. And he's going for a week till monday. :( ...
I'm home alone again next week...


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