Thursday, January 07, 2010

My new favourite toy

Hehe using my new toy typing away right now. I'm hooked!
Baby surprised me on tuesday night (yup,this news took so long to update)..
Just after I reached home late in the night after work, he came to clementi and surprised me with this gadget..
16G iPhone!!!! So fun!!! Lots and lots of games and convenient cause I can surf leisure when I'm outside! And watch shows when I'm free hehe
worked OT these few days until no time to go online and surf net :( but luckily thank gooness I managed to rush out all e reports just now
phew!! Tmr got meeting again... Everytime meeting, everytime new stuff to do...
But i'm still into this job..still learning and experiencing new stuff... Just that I'm damn tired everytime after so long hours on excel..
And my shoulders hurt like hell too...
Reaching home soon shall update agn soon
oh!!! My second bro came back to Clementi home!!
Thank you so much baby!!! Reallly shocked .. Although I still dunno why suddenly u gave me this... But thank u...
Just in time when my phone crashed on Monday :))))) loves....
Signed off!

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