Monday, March 08, 2010

Hello, Mr Top student bf. :) That's the reason why I asked u to buy 8days lah... hehehe.... He got asked by PSB to feature in this week's 8DAys. :)

Well, he's gonna have his last exam at this month end, then he will graduate liao.. time to step to this working world... haha...
So, won't be going out anytime soon these two weeks liao... gonna find my own leisure.. hahaha...

OH! JACK NEO just hit the morning headlines.....haiz... a bit of shock...
His wife is just too forgiving...

SINGAPORE : Singapore director Jack Neo should take some lessons from his latest film "Being Human" - you reap what you sow. The filmmaker's life has been thrown into chaos after his two-year affair with 22-year-old model Wendy Chong was exposed.

Chong, who plays the sister-in-law of actor Mark Lee's character in "Being Human", turned up at the director's home on Friday and demanded to speak to his wife. She told a local Chinese daily that she was upset that Neo, 50, did not answer her phone calls and decided to confront him at his Pasir Ris home. When he finally came home at about 3pm, he returned Chong's calls and agreed to let her in to speak to his wife, Irene Kng.

Chong said she was shocked by Kng's reaction to the affair. Kng, 46, appeared "calm" and told her that she "did not care who Jack was involved with as she was content that she loved him". As Neo's children and maid were home, the three headed to a restaurant at Changi Airport's Crowne Plaza hotel where they were joined by Chong's father and sister, as well as Neo's manager, pastor and friend.

There, Neo admitted to the affair and apologised to Chong's father who was shocked by the affair. He said both parties were "rash" and the affair was a mistake. Chong and Neo met when she landed a bit part in his film "Money No Enough 2".

The model said Neo had initiated the relationship by asking for a number and then invited her to watch him film a movie. He also took her on trips to Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia. She added that she did not get together with the director for fame and thought they "would only be together for three months" but her love for him grew deeper.

Neo confessed that he had let his wife down but could not end the affair as Chong had threatened to harm herself. Kng who was not surprised that Chong had turned up at their home revealed that had already known about the affair but did not confront her husband and instead chose to forgive him. She said she learnt about it a year ago after friends saw Neo and Chong together.

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