Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Sunday .. Again.
I'm gonna complain... Again.
I'm dreading to go to work... Again.

This weekend didn't do much cause the time seems so short..

Managed to FINALLY finished up my gatherings..
cause actually left Chao Yuan (not MJR one) and my ex-boss mr arthur.
so last friday, met up with chao yuan at marina square.
wanted to leave at 530pm sharp.. but.. kanna caught back for some discussion.
Left at 6.50pm when the arrangement was 7pm. -_-"
went to eat Changing Appetite, just beside Carl's Junior.
i practically didn't finish even 1/2 of my fish and chips.
anyway, talked alot alot... but had to leave ard 930pm cause he had to pick his baby boy.
wanted to see his baby boy but then didn't managed to :(.
actually although i didn't know him for long, but we do have alot to talked about.. views are similar that's y ba..
Now... left Mr arthur!!! He opened a new events company!!!!! Finally did it man.
must must must find one day man... shit.. haiz...

Saturday, mr. bf managed to get some time off to accompany me.. went for a seminar talk then go for Chinatown's famous Frog Leg Porridge. hehehe.. I LOVE eating frog leg porridge ...

While i'm typing this away, my 2nd brother is talking on the phone and mentioning going to IR for setup and events over there... -_-"" damn it. I miss events... u can go places where ppl haven go, and it's free!!!!!! oh god. haiz.. my next toggle tab is my email. which... i freaked out.
cause my boss going overseas next week (for holiday).. (uncontactable)... i'm doomed!!!!
Saw a few reports which ... i have never seen before!!! siao liao la...
kanna sacked soon.
die die die...

ok i think i need to go liao... to figure out how to do.

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