Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Had a happy weekend!
Saturday managed to meetup with 2H to have dinner at Golden Mile chicken rice plus steamboat. :) very long didn't eat, craving for it... After which, since we had the time, we went to over Ben's new house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is SO BIG! I mean, nice lar... Love the swimming pool.. yea, it's not those big swimming pool but hey, at least can fit 2 ppl swiming frog style! Plus, his ceiling height is SO TALL!! .. .The height of the dangling height i think fix to my house can bang head liao lor!
Then, there's a long walk way from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor... 3rd floor is his bedroom...
It's nice one lor.. 2 single bed + one big wardrobe for 2 person, one bathroom... 2 study table... the room still very big even with all these! .. plusplusplus!!! A garden outside his bedroom! (it's empty though)... but it's huge! we already thought wad to put liao. Eg, coffee table and sofa seats, with bbq pit, 1 cupboard of board games! woah seh, weekly hangout liao lor... :):):):) idea?
Well, think it's time to have a housewarming eh? hehehe
After that, we proceeded to kallang leisure park to watch Ice Kachang Puppy Love. The show, erm... not bad la... but abit long and draggy... but ok lar... not bad not bad...$6.50 can watch... hahaha... (see below for Ben's house)
Anyway, then send linx back and chit chat with her until 3AM!!! concuss out!
Sunday was calm and sweet too! :):):):):)
Went to Katong area to have lunch.. Had a spread of malay food at GLORY Catering..
The food is not bad.. But the sambal chilli not very hot though...
the popiah is good! watery kind :)
After that, walked around the nieghbourhood before going for leg massage... cheap and good! Shiok man... I hitnk i'm addicted to massages! hehe...
Must cut down on movie then go massage!
After that, we walked to parkway to see some stuffs..
Parkway changed alot! Now got alot of restaurants. Carl's Junior, Jap restaurant, and many more lar.. cannot rmb..
Honeybee got a new pair of working shoes from Black Hammer. Finally, decided to go home and watch Star Awards.

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