Sunday, January 13, 2013

The beginning

After two weekends of burning at e office, I finally had time to clean up my house and properly drink a coffee and chill. That's what I'm doing now at city hall J.Co. :)
Reading books and surfing net and looking at people passing by. That's simple happiness for me.
2013 started with a big bang with lots of happenings in e office.

First being Abbott has finally split into 2 officially and globally.
The new proprietary product company, Abbvie, will stand as its own entity.
Established products will still remain as Abbott.
Abbott host finance will continue to provide services to them for 2 years though.
This means... 2 closings, 2 tax computations, 2 audits.
Felt a sense of accomplishment because I was privileged to be part of the separation project, which u hardly get such projects. I mean, not every company will do that so.. situations were all new and experimental. The wee hours of concalls and coming up with procedures wasn't for nought.

This year, another big project is up and I'm glad I'm in it as well. Another huge time.will go to that also.

Another big announcement is that my reporting manager is leaving us. She has taught me alot and am very grateful for her. Sadly, she will leave this team which has been groomed by her.
Decisions for me will need to be made as well...
Dunno what I should do and can't really discuss with anyone since even my bro is not expert to finance.

Not too Sure if I should take up 2modules at one shot this sem with external and internal audit coming up in Feb and mar. This means no taking of leave for this two months. dunno if I can cope.

Am continuing my dance lessons as well which I'm loving it!
Been chilling out with this guy at dance who is 6 years my senior. he makes sense whenever I have problems so that y I kinda like talking to him. But he's kinda ego. Probably That's because he's a background and stayed in Aussie for awhile. Likes to speed in his Volkswagen sportscar. Super rolleye.

Leaving for Taipei next week so definitely gonna meetup ex FD. So called my God father. Haha.

January gonna pass in a blur. Half passed with torturing closing, ending with holiday and setting goals.
Gonna meetup my dearies after I come back cause it's been a long time since I saw them!
Gonna try catching my long over due meetup with lost friends!

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