Saturday, January 26, 2013

Taipei 2013

Exciting January went with crazy closings and then shoo! Off we went to Taipei for a week.
Had our 2012 incentive plus 2013 kick off meeting at the luxurious W Taipei.
It was premium atas!
Slightly better than the Langham Place in HongKong. It could fit in 4 people in a room, but we had 2 people each. :)

Had an eventful meeting as well as a half a day amazing race around Taipei, and boy it was tight! half day travel up and down and doing all sorts of weird stuff which we never done it before and didn't know where those places were... Plus that day was the coldest of all! 10% and raining... gosh. I was trembling when it rained.

I believed all of us had fun, and in the evening we went to Taipei 101 top restaurant for our company dinner. Food was mediocre but the view was fantastic. We had our ex FD who came as well as GOH. :)
Kinda missed him. and he brought 3 lucky draws gifts to us! 1 CARTIER, 1 MONT BLANC, 1 DUNHILL!!!! We were all drooling man. Sadly I didn't get the gift. Shit. haha...
He promised me to give a gift if I go over again! hahaha... we shall see....

The company trip ended with a Yilan tour plus hot spring which is breath taking. Beautiful scenery.
Hot spring in such a cold weather... what else can i say but fab!

After the company trip, most of us extended our stay and we went tracking near the mountain and seeing waterfalls. :) Nice experience. Weather was good and flowers astart to blossom.
Went places like Wulai falls, jiu fen, shi fen, and Mao Kong (Cable car).

Another good news to start the year is my niece is born!!!! Second's brother little dragon girl.
Both my brother I realised, have very good forecasting accuracy. One aimed just right at the start of the Dragon year, while the other, at the dragon tail.
Velda Lim, born 15th January 2012, same as my mum's birthday, sweet lil girl. :)
Shall upload picture soon!

See ya!

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