Tuesday, January 01, 2013

two O one three

*Free hugs to everyone*

It was my first time squeezing to Marina Bay and countdown together and watch the beautiful fireworks.
Despite the rain. Carrying brolly and sitting there to "chope" our seats because we had 14 people.
During the fireworks, my mind recalled the good and bad in 2012, although more bad, but it has shaped me to be a better person, a stronger person.

oh, then after that, we changed spots and sat near the MBS entrance, in front of Avalon, playing games and drinking.
That time was hilarious. We saw many funny stuffs. While playing, we saw couple kissing passionately, it's like watching a movie. HAHAHAHA...
I saw an indian man being dragged out of MBS, all the way to main street. Super dead drunk and quite big size too. Poor friends. LOL.
One ang moh lady drunk and 3 security guards was with her! not bad eh?! Think she went drinking alone i suppose?
A few good fellas came to help her cause the security guards were guys so cannot carry her. But the drunk lady suddenly became awake and scolded the good people and walked off. Apparently, she suddenly didn't become drunk like that. haha... But the security guard were still nice to follow her even out of MBS.

Went home ard 4.30am and slept like a log. Only woke up at 11am.

Oh well, am at work now. Yes. What a way to start 2013. But it's okay, bitter now and enjoy sweetness later. :)

Meeting a friend for dinner later. My first date for 2013! haha... just wanna say something nice out of 1st day la. rather that just spending my time in the office.

This new year resolution, is to enjoy myself. :) Slow my pace, go dating!!!!! yes, I'm determined to overcome my weird habit of not dating my age. haha...

To my lovely friends, CHEERS TO 2013! CREATE YOUR AMAZING 2013. Only you control your future. Take your chance!

Yours Truely.

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