Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Yuez!!!

I'm 6 days late but who cares! Not bad already for my timing.

Celebrated our dear oldest of the group birthday at Aranda Country Club for KTV!
I think every year she celebrates her birthday at KTVs. Haha...
This year, just the four of us... oh well, friends eh... ?

Oh, just to sidetrack, after my previous post, someone msged me and asked if i'm alright. haha... so sweet.
This recent period, many people come and go, and some of my dearest people around me almost left me. And what they said was, "Say what you wanna say. Don't regret if ever you leave this world suddenly."
It struck me. Because imagine one day you suddenly drop dead, what regrets will you have?. It really happens! I believe now because I've come across these. So, I will not hesitate to speak my mind and do what I want. Strive what you want.

But still, thank you my dear mr. you-know-who-u-are. My best buddy who never leave me alone. :)

Ok, back to the main topic.....

Via bought cupcakes!! Sweet nice cupcakes!
Spent the whole afternoon singing and of course, gossiping away...
Dinner went to Hei Sushi, a subsidiary of Sakae and it's halal! Food.... Not very nice, so doubt will go bad again. Just taste slightly weird. haha...
Then after, we went to the airport on the initial thought of viewing planes taking off... but in the end, ended up chose the wrong terminal which cannot see! Don't go T2. No good, bad choice!

While our birthday girl was busy calling colleagues away to settle some urgent issue, we cam-whored.  :)
I love simple meetups like this. Cosy and relax.

But then, I got my lips swollen the very next day!!!! And made me couldn't go out on Sunday with my 4F peeps!!! :(:(:( So sad...

Shall meet them up very soon!!!

Am still slogging away at the office, so here's some of the snapshots of my weekend! Tata....


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