Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snake Year

It's a brand new year. Snake year.
But the most boring CNY i ever had.
Firstly, no visiting except for Godma's place. cause family is busy taking care of new born Velda, and my dad's leaving for China tomorrow.
So.. I'm gonna be all alone.
Just don't like the raining bit cause I can't go out and run!!! I'm so freaking bored.
Luckily tomorrow the gym is open. *phew*.

Well, this snake year... some say 86 tiger is good, some say bad. What say you?
I hope it will be smooth sailing...
For a start, some of you may have known... I've moved on.
I have decided not to wait anymore, and just start brand new.
Taking things very slowly, cause I'm still not very optimistic. haha.
But he understands.
Hopefully.... this works.  *cross fingers*

This Feb will pass fast too cause audit is right after CNY. and I'm so gonna get busy again.
And...... resuming my ACCA again. This time round, I'm gonna try my luck and take 3 papers.
Although Mr. Pig says I won't have time to take 3 papers and do OT and catch up with friends. hmm....

But I wanna get over and done with so that I can leave!!!! oh yeah. that's a huge motivation. :)
Oh wells, I have 2 more days to think thoroughly ..

Happy Lunar New Year to all!!!
May this year be bountiful and properous!!!

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