Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Long overdue but still wanna jot this down. :)
This is sort of an unplanned trip, going there with dunno what we wanna do.
It was just meant to be chilled relaxing trip before this May thingy....

Krabi is part of a small island in Thailand. Only tiger airways flies to Krabi directly.
It's a very short flight and the airport only has two landings!
That explains why it's cheaper than Phuket maybe?

By the time we reached our hotel, it was just nice for check in time. We stayed near Aonang town, a place called Aonang Resort & Spa.
Very decent, with deco very laid back style. All the furnitures are wooden styles.
Our room was a Premium room, hence our balcony can see the resort's swimming pool and can oversee the big hill which was quite famous over there.
Our balcony was pretty spacious too!

We decided to check out if there were some island hopping or interesting activities for next couple of days.
We settled for a small shop for lunch and I think whichever shop you go, the food is waaayy better than Singapore's Thai food.
We walked around the shops and decided on one island hopping to four islands and also one evening canoeing package.
Dinner time - We went to a famous Thai restaurant recommended by many reviewers. KRUATHARA.
Food was damn good!!!!

Luckily we went early so that we didn't have to queue.
The forever good coconut drink that is good in Thailand only.

They even had a singer to entertain us, and he sings English oldies!

The next day was basically just doing the island hopping to Four Island. They have others like James Bond island, Phi Phi Island, which is cheaper to go to from Krabi than from Phuket. AND!!! You can actually go Phuket from Krabi and it's cheaper!

Did snorkelling and sun tanning.. Lunch was provided by them which is good as well. Green curry :)
The island hopping ended around 3pm, thereafter we headed back to clean up before nua-ing at a nearby cafe. That's shiokness of nua-ing. Sit, drink coffee, read magazine, watch people walking. lol.

We went to the Krabi Town Night Market which is an hour drive from Aonang. The night market only opens on weekends. Decided to try taking the public bus which is 60baht only.. :D

3rd day - Went for little self sight seeing at nearby beaches and massage. The limestones was beautiful, very natural. There were people really doing rock climbing on these uneven rocks!
The massage was cheap - SGD 30odd for 1.5hrs. They had the Aloe Vera massage which I never seen before. Apparently they have it because many people who go Krabi probably got sun burnt! haha...
Aloe Vera has very good calming and moisturizing features.

We wanted to try one popular western food for lunch.. however, we got "introduced" by the tuk tuk driver to another atas place. Apparently its the most atas place around Krabi - The Hilltop.
It has a car to bring you up to the restaurant (because it's up the hill). It feels like you are eating at Mount Faber because when you eat, it oversees the sea and landscape.
We were joking that he "bao" the whole restaurant. cause there wasn't anyone there. Guess nobody will dine in the noon. It's more popular in the evening ba.
The price is quite expensive as well, but the food was good.

Then here's our evening sunset kayaking!!! This activity was one of the best in my opinion. And I was surprised by the package. Maybe because I didn't put much expectation in it, hence I was quite happy with the service and all.
That's our guide for the evening. We went around several mangroves and it was quite calming. After the sunset, the waters were high tide and slightly difficult to kayak.

After that, the package included a BBQ dinner. Initially I though it would be a simple BBQ. Then it turned out we were seated facing the sea, like seaside dining. And there were so much food!!!! We couldn't finish at all! Chicken,prawn, sotong, fish, deserts, fruits, it was too much for just 2 of us. And the setting even had those campfire sticks.
After that, they even gave us one lattern to fly it up. Like those in taiwan. :) so sweet.

 That sums up my little trip to Krabi. Overall, it was relaxing and good experience for a beach trip! :)

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