Tuesday, May 14, 2013

This is it.

In 12 hours time, I'll be on G.A and sleeping my way through.
I hope everything will turn out fine and no more surprises.
it's been growing, so i'm just hoping for the best.

No matter how advance medical can be, there will still be a slight worry whenever you enter the hospital.
So yes, i'm afraid. Afraid of the results. Even though it looks a little bright, but still, i'm worried.

Will be staying in tentatively 1 night until the doc says okay.

Still haven figure out how I should put my out-of-office.
Or whether i should even put. haha...
Cause if I put, people sure will start asking around.

Am eating my "dinner" now at 00:05am. Cause i can't eat from 6am already. Not even water... challenging.

Now, the only bright thing i look forward is... lying on a private hospital bed. hahaha.
It better be good man. Hated the TTSH and SGH beds when I was small.

Oh well.... All I can do is pray.

Out for 2 weeks. Take care people. Will be emo-ing for these 2 weeks to recovery.

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