Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hazy doings

Hot topic of the week - HAZE. PSI. NEA.

Singapore has hit a record high of PSI 400.
Lots of woo-ha... mac & pizza hut cancelled their delivery service, we had an option of working from home, and given free mask to bring home.

Despite this weather, some of us just heck care and continue going out!
Met up with the girls at Bugis + for dinner on Wednesday which I accidentally forgot to jot it down. Luckily, I was free.. otherwise... I would have kanna up down left right. *phew*

Ended up as usual, I was EARLY! hahaha. Next was yuez, then the other two girls who wasn't working, ended up later than the working girls!

We tried the Coco Curry house at Bugis +
Basically.. All curry with different type of dish in it.

A photo while waiting for the ladies.

The thing about Coco house is the curry can be adjusted to your spice level.
It has Mild (for children), Lvl 0 - 5.
Yuez and I took the 3 for starters because we didn't know how hot it was.
Level 3 is ok. I think it's hot because of the peppery taste. not those chilli hot.
So to me, I think 3 is good enough already. Even level 1 or 2 is a good option because japanese curry original taste (non-spicy) is tasty enough!
I ordered the pork shabu curry rice... which.. you can't really see the pork la. It's hidden in the curry.
Worth to go back and eat again. :)

Weekend was just about food and camping at my brother's place cause got aircon. hee...
Friday went to Tuas South for work. Freaking far....
Had to go back office after 5.30pm to do some work again. First time took cab that cost me $50!!!
I was so hungry... Went to ichiban boshi, new outlet in Vivocity Basement 1.
Love their sushi! Sometimes I prefer Ichiban because their sushi are quite unique and interesting.
Not those standard sushi you see in all restaurant. But it's slightly ex la. Once in a while, I think it's worth to go.
Two of us had 7 plates of sushi, 1 sashimi, 1 pot of salmon soup and chawamushi
Didn't take photos cause I ate immediately when the food came.

Sunday because he had to work, we went for Brunch at wild honey at Mandarin Gallery!
Their food is niceeee....
But portion is big. So do sharing ya. I couldn't finish mine, and he struggled to finish his as well.
The price is also more expensive.
The english breakfast - $24. Tunisian - $19. Had orange juice that cost $9!!!!!! Got a bit of shock...

Tea break was a Delifrance which is newly opened in our building at Level 2!
My favourite fruit tart! :)
Delifrance gonna be my new favourite hangout for OT dinner. :)

Hopefully the haze won't come back soon....
Take care of your health!
And I better not get sick because I'm leaving for hols in 2 weeks time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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