Friday, June 14, 2013

Mr Jay :)

This semester is finally over!!! I might have screwed up both papers... got sad over it, and angry because we weren't taught of those that came out, but it's OVER!!!!
I was super hyper the day I finished, and the next day... and.. I'm kinda still hyper even though I have tons of work to do. Yes, backlog after 2 weeks of hospitalisation and 4 days of leave for exams.
And here, I'm slogging away desperately trying to close FY2012 financial statements.

Erm, taking a break now la. =)
After my first exam on 6th June, I went for JAY CHOU concert!!!! WOO-HOO~~~
I was pretty near to the stage (that cost me $241 by the way) and could see him quite clearly!
A friend's boyfriend was so sweet to queue from 12midnight till morning 9am just to get the nearest seat to the stage. He was angry he couldn't get what he wanted which was first 5 rows, because of SISTIC's slow webby. But nonetheless, I think it was good! (Thanks Jeff!)

Didn't take alot of photos because I was in daze just listening to his songs and seeing him so near. haha....
But sadly he didn't dance as much as I was expecting.
Kinda emo after that because.... ok, shall drop it.

I so wanna go KTV !!!! Been ages!!!!

I think Jay like PINK alot.. The light sticks were pink in colour, his mic + mic stand also in pink!
But it was pretty when the lights dimmed, and our sticks were lit up. :)

Totally enjoyed myself! :)

Now I'm still having this hyper mood because I temporary do not need to memorise notes and practising them so nowadays when I'm travelling, I watch dance clips and day dream!!!
What am I thinking? HOLIDAYS!!!!! And a birthday to plan.... :) yea, it's still long way but need time to plan.... haha

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