Sunday, June 16, 2013

Staycation: Qool Quincy

Happy weekend is gone so fast!
Went to Quincy Hotel located along Mount Elizabeth Road for a weekend stay!
Well, the highlight is actually baking cupcakes, not the stay .. lol.. but the stay was good.
The Qool Weekend package comes with dinner, breakfast and lunch all inclusive plus free flow of mini bar stuff plus a bottle of red wine! Basically, you check in and you didn't have to spend a single cent for meals thereafter. :)
The package came with a cupcake baking session plus a movie night by the pool. It was showing Pitch Perfect so we gave it a miss because I watched it before already.

 The cupcake baking session! The place is quite small so if you plan to go there, better book the session first. Max 12 i think.
 Sweet aprons!! Been a long time since i wore one .... Sec 2? Lol....

Making cupcakes seem simple because we just had to mix the sugar, butter, flour and vanilla essence with the blueberries in and mix all of them together! Seem just so simple! After that, just bake them in 15-20 min and you have blueberry cupcakes!

 So while the oven is piping, we had a little game of fun - icing decorations! We had ready made chocolate cupcakes and were given some colours to play around with.

After 15 minutes, viola! Our nice blueberry cupcakes! Though I'm not a fan of blueberry, it was good!

After that, we toured around the hotel which had an infinity pool (sorry, no pictures.. forgot!) then rest before heading down for dinner. Dinner was selection of one main course. We managed to sit by the window and the view was nice. Just patches of grass but i liked it.

Our night was spent window shopping at Orchard and bought a dress for new born baby of Celyn's.

The next day's breakfast was a spread of standard international food. I would say their food standard is good. Quite nice, especially they free flow of ice cream 24 hours. :):):)

We spent our afternoon being a tourist! Guess where we went....

And we walked from our hotel all the way there! Hot scorching sun but we went ahead.
Never been there before except the wedding photo taking of my bro.
Quite a nice place because you can sit there and picnic!
So, here's our typical "must have" tourist photo... The main gate! lol.
 His standard routine - Take map photo. :)

 My favourite photo. :)

The above look so special. like lotus...

Had a great weekend. Though the botanic walk was tiring, but enjoyed it maybe because I love walking. Lol.
The stay at Quincy was good - Service was fab! The toiletries was Molten Brown (hehe) and most importantly, Had a good time doing something together for the first time. Baking. :)

Looking forward to the next staycation!


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