Friday, November 15, 2013

Travelogue: Penang 25th - 27th October 2013 ( Day 2)

Here's my second day of Penang! If you missed day 1... here.
So our second day started early at 9am cause we booked a driver for our half day tour.
The highlight was actually going to Penang Hill, which we spent the most of our time and ended up had to skip one of the attraction, Toy Museum.
Shall let pictures do the talking... #signsoflaziness

Ticket Price

A sample of how olden days used to travel up the hill
Waiting for the train. A variation of more standing and less sitting

View from the top
The top of the hill was quite cooling, but hazy so we couldn't get a picture clearly of the surroundings.
Took a couple of pictures, walked around, and the girls did henna! Didn't do due to company restrictions. :(
Thereafter, we made a quick visit to kek lok si temple for a quick visit.
And we took a "cable car" that claims the first cable car in a temple. but... it seriously look like a lift that moves from one building to the next.......... -.-""

We toured quite fast cause maybe nothing much to see anyway. Because it was quite late already, we decided to end our half day tour already. But before this, we headed to Ah Leng Char Koay Teow which is apparently very famous and highly recommended by many people/ bloggers.
It like a coffeeshop but everyone sitting down there is like waiting for this only. And we waited quite long for our food in fact. And we tried.......
It was okay la.... Wasn't fantastic but one of the better ones we ate so far. Has more ingredients compared to others, and the prawns are bigger.

We headed back to rest for the noon... and watched ALOT of horror movies.... Every day we watched at least 2 movies!!!! And cause it's Halloween weekend... but it was quite shiok though. hehe..

In the evening, we went for dinner near the Fishing Village before heading to our last activity for the day - Firefly watching!!!!
It's quite far.. around an hour ride away from town.
Quite excited cause never see firefly before.. The person explained to us how firefly is formed before the tour.
Went on the boat, and went into mangroves. Fireflies don't fly anywhere, they stick to this particular type of tree in the mangrove. I don't know what tree/ plant, I just know a type of tree/ plant. And really, there was alot of firefly in a particular root of a plant! And can really see it glows! (don't roll eyes)
Was quite fascinated and wanted to take pictures but cannot capture the lights. After a while... got abit quite bored cause all the same ma.... and maybe because I started to feed the mosquitoes.... haha...
But I feel it's a good experience to see firefly!!! Yay!!!

And tata... headed back for horror movies again.......................

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