Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy 30th to Mr. Sunshine: Dozo!

And so... the super outdated post that has been in my draft for so long. This happened like one month ago..
On 23rd October, Sunshine's 30th birthday!
Met for dinner since both of us were working on that day.
Went to Dozo Japanese Fine dining. The price is considered quite reasonable since usually fine dining cost like above $100 per pax. But this is below that. :)
And all the courses are in fact quite good!!! So i think super worth it!

Birthday Boy! And the appetizer sticks which I dunno what is it. haha..

The appetizer.

Damn good! Favourite! Escargots with Yuzu butter. Good good good!

Crab bisque in cuppa style. Thick soup.

My main course! Beef Tenderloin and it's on a hot stone! First time eating in on a hot stone where you have to heat it by youself and choose the degree of well done that you want. :)

Their speciality in celebration. The waiter will sing a birthday song for you and do this beautiful platter. :)

Happy 30th!!! :):):)

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