Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Travelogue: Penang 25th - 27th October 2013 ( Day 1)

Super back log... but just gotta do it so that I can see these few years down the road!

The girls went for another mini trip again and this time it's PENANG!!!
 Penang is nearer northwest, where it is further away from KL. Which means, by driving would probably take 8/9 hrs. Thus, we took airplane to get there which is only 1hr plus to reach!
It's fairly cheap, costly around $150 for the ticket I THINK! Totally forgot the price cause it wasn't me who booked it. hehe. The hotel even cheaper. Budget!

Penang is known for it's cultural history and there's really alot to see, provided you are interested la.
For shoppers, this place isn't for you.

Our accommodation for the next 3 days - Chulia Heritage Hotel. It's cheap, budget, picture looks nice, but WRONG! BAD EXPERIENCE!

First, the room is at first floor... which means, if your room is along the corridor, it doesn't seem safe. Cause the window isn't very secure....
And, someone got into our room when we were out!!! and used the towel and left it on the bed!!!! Nothing was stolen, but still???!!!!!!!
Also, the wi-fi isn't strong in our room. Very important to our dear linx. hehe.
So... we changed room and got ourselves a room just right in front of the reception. Nice.. free security.

So we dropped our luggage and went to check out the Blu Mansion. But we didn't prep enough to know it's on fixed timings. So, we went to The Chocolate Boutique to see see look look.
Someone walked us through the cycle of making coffee and chocolate and then gave us lots of samples to try...

The apparently famous most expensive cat shit coffee - RM75 for 3 sachets only!

So after the girls bought their stuffs, we headed for a nearby coffeeshop for lunch. Decided to just hang around till the next timing for the Blue Mansion.
Had all the local foods, which, was our standard protocol for the next two days... almost every meal.
Except for the laksa which wasn't popular among them..... poor laksa.
Banned from the start. lol.

So... we managed to went in for our tour of the Blue Mansion, also known as Cheong Fatt Tzee Mansion. Filthy rich with forgot how many wives.
Well, these are part of history which we will never know until we been there done that. Cause you won't go and randomly research about this guy right?! We were told not to take pictures during the guided tour, so I followed the rules - no pictures inside. Sorry!
Oh, and the tour took almost an hour? Or an hour and half?? around there la.

Walked back to our hotel and these are a few street arts along the way.
Jimmy Choo.

Love Lane
As the picture says, The local chinese say the rich men who lived on Muneri Street kept their mistresses here. Hence, the name Love Lane.

Walked the street of Love Lane, and settled for The Coffee Atelier for high tea.
Weirdly, The Coffee Atelier is also known as Kopi, or Cafe 55... ???
A group shot for the first time! Oh. and the poster is apparently quite famous cause we saw it at a couple of shophouses. The mistress???

Continuing down the streets of "Little India"....

We also did a little sight seeing at the Clan Jetty, where there's different Clans like Lim Clan, Tan Clan etc.
It's those old school houses using 4 sticks to stand on ground while the tide flows in. Dunno how to describe but, it's something like that. I can only visualise. haha.
If quite cramped up. So u have to walk single file along the pathways. But, as you walk along, you will notice that there are many elders living there. Like grandpas, grandmas... they probably lived through world war. and have been living in that house for their lives. Their TV, are CRT TV...
Felt abit of ache when I walked through...

As it was getting late, we decided to head to Gurney Drive for our dinner. But we wouldn't get any cab!!! The orads were so busy and jam!
Dunno lucky or not... there's this guy who came up and asked us where we were going.. and offered to drive us there for a price (around taxi fare). We were sceptical... or rather I was sceptical... cause it's like my first time accepting a ride from a stranger! Other stuffs immediately came to my mind... haha...
But then, we deicided to just take it. Cause most likely we probably won't be able to get a cab. haha.
So.. thankfully, we weren't being kidnapped. We managed to reach Gurney safely!

There's a new mall at Gurney which is very big, think it's called Paragon.
Huge. Hosting big names like H&M, Topshop etc. Didn't manage to get in to walk around but I guess it's probably what you see in Singapore.

The food at Gurney Drive is still as good. And one of the best meal I had in Penang. :)
Shall not upload photos of food cause it's really alot!!!! And it's the same!!! haha...

Alright... shall update Day 2 veeeery soooon..... try ah.

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