Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Quan Jia Fu

Ok, better do a last post before I go for my 2 weeks holidays!!!
Been so hectic trying to clear work... esp. after CNY break.

Went over to Ben's place on Saturday for our class gathering steamboat!!!
But before that, lohei!!!

Ben's mum was so sweet to prepare the LoHei herself! Shredded the vegetables so nice! And fresh veg really take good with yusheng!!!


The whole group!!! Finally got a whole "quan jia fu" cause all the "+1" made it, except mine... But still, best turn out of 11 people!!! :):):) And definitely, it was really good to finally meet all of them!

Had gambling session after that, like my first! after so many days of boring CNY.

Leaving for Taiwan in a few hours and won't be back till two weeks...
This trip is actually prepared by the boy down to the details of planning. I was so caught up with study plus year end, so he did all by himself. :):):)
Yesterday, I finally resigned from this company after 4 years of service. It was painful cause I really love the people there. But, it's time. Time for greater exposure, and higher level of management.
And of course, who will say no to such a greater increment? haha..
The money could certainly help to pay up my debts in a shorter time. Better enjoy this holiday cause I don't know when can I go for another one cause I need to start saving up.

Alrighty. Better go now! See ya in 2 weeks time!!!!

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