Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Eldest Birthday :D

Celebrated our dear Yuez's birthday on 6th Feb 2014 which was super early! hehe... cause I'm leaving for holidays 2 weeks so all was kind enough to "pei he" my schedule. :)

So we went to Poulet at Bugis to have super long dinner while waiting for the excitement to come!
We planned for another round of Xcape!
So while we had alot of time to burn, we settle for ice cream as cake at Marble Slab.

Happy 28th!!! (while we just reached 27 :p)

The game was Upside Down, plot is like Harry Potter. Super tough. Dunno isit just tough, or must read Harry Potter before then know abit. I think have to cause linx's sister read before so it was helpful. We didn't manage to get to the "magical" part... so ... guess we have to go back there and try again!!!

Before I go on holidays, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUEZ!!!!

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