Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Universal Studios Singapore

Hihi!!! Been missing in action quite abit .. well.. April was a hectic month with many weekends burnt for classes. Coming May is also another super hectic month cause revisions will be over weekends, and then a short family trip, and I still need to revise by myself for exams in June!
Working life is not too bad. Still trying to get used to going home punctually every single day, and not having to OT. It's really alot more manageable now, so hopefully this goes on! :)
So, before I neglect the boy, we decided to go for a USS fun day last weekend! I got free tickets because I renewed my contract with Singtel fibre plan so there's free RWS invites.
This free tickets also entitles free priority queues!
We got there by 10am when it just opened, and the first thing we did was to go queue for transformers!
Haha... It's been a long time since I went to USS, and I haven't got a chance to try the Transformer.
Luckily I sat the Battlestar Roller Coaster before like a number of times cause it's now closed indefinitely.
It's Easter period so many decorations were about eggs! 

The transformer ride was good, but not as great as I expected. I guess many were fascinated by the fact that it feels like 4D but in actually fact, you are sitted and being rotated around, and you can still feel the effect.
Although it's good, I prefer the Mummy ride over this. I think the Mummy ride was the best among all (minus the battlestar). Damn shiok.
W chionged to try the transformer and the Mummy without the priority tickets so that we could get a second ride later in the afternoon using them. :)
We then took our time to stroll around the area while waiting for another top show to start which was the waterworld.
My favourite - Fairy Land!!! Super love the castle!!! Although I think Disneyland in Hong Kong is still the best so far. haha...

Shrek Easter Egg!!! There are 7 different painted eggs in USS... and the boy insisted on finding all of them.... -.-"""
Bought this USS water bottle which is like so ex... $15... There were even more expensive ones like the Minion and Bumblebee one... retailing at $25. Gosh...

Took a picture with Transformer figurine - Cool!!!

Transformer Egg....

Sesame Street Egg!!!! Cute!!!!

Ultimate tourist picture. lol..

Madagascar World egg.

Us looking half shag after spending the afternoon taking another round of transformer and mummy rides, and also made use of the priority tickets to take the other rides that we could get in without queueing like the Shrek 4D adventure and Rockstar show.
Thereafter, we settled ourselves along the path to watch for the Parade to start.

Elmo egg.

The ugliest egg. Dinosaur egg...

FYI, it's a real bumble bee person inside. This is not a mockup.
The person is damn skinny to fit inside.

And the ending of our USS fun day!
Me looking super touristy. haha...

Found this egg at Fairy Land!

The evening view of the castle.. lovely... Suddenly I miss Disneyland.. haha..
We shopped around but ended buying nothing.
I think overall, I prefer Disneyland cause it's much more cuter.. dream like stuff...
Although the rides are not as good as USS, but I took more pictures in Disneyland and really, the things are just so cute!!!
I could spend like hundreds over dollars at their specialty shops!
Anyway, it's probably not right to compare like that since both are from different company.
Still, I enjoyed my time in USS, since it's really a long time since I last played thrilling rides. :)

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