Monday, July 07, 2014

Magnum pop up store - Customs House

Over the weekend, I decided to bring the boy to Magnum pop up store at Customs House Terrace.
This store is their last instalment in Singapore, and this round, it is celebrating 25 years, and therefore has its limited edition of silver marc de champagne.
Limited edition silver magnums, cocktails and drinks are in the menu for this store.
Create your own magnum with this last leg in Singapore!
Visit the Magnum pop up store now till 22nd July!
Open from 12pm - 10.30pm
They have this motion screen where you can play and burst the balloons while it comes up.
But the screen abit blur and too fast. haha...  
So funny boy.. haha... :p
Of course, we decided to try the limited edition of the marc de champagne!
The design feels so Christmas-y... maybe because of its silver, and the decorations of the place had silver balloons as well.
Looks good, and the boy can't wait....

Not only the design looks good, the marc de champagne taste just right too!
Not very strong taste of the champagne and it doesn't have the after taste of the bitterness, you know, like rum & raisin has hat sort of after taste.
Of course, if you are someone who like it strong, then this is probably not for you.
Really like it! Think I'll buy some at NTUC! It's available at major supermarkets as well!!!
Nice deco, must take! So glittery!

Pleasure seeked! Satisfied tummy! Happiness!


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