Thursday, September 04, 2014

Night Fest x Ippudo Tao

Yes, i'm missing for a while. But forgive this girl who fell sick for almost a week can?
Was down with rashes, then after that came fever flu sore throat. All in one.
Super sian. Took medicine and stay all day long at home.
Hardly you will catch me sleeping in the noon, but this time, I eat and sleep non-stop.
Thankfully, I recovered most of it by weekend, although I felt tired earlier than before.
Didn't wanna spoil my weekends with the boy, hence just tahan.
Of course, we went night festival and this year, we even went for the 2 weekends!
I would say we covered most of it cause both weekends we stay there till 2am!!!
I think my favourite was the show Fat kids are harder to kidnap. It was hilarious!
Anyway, guess pictures are better than descriptions cause it's arts!

The Philatelic Museum. So cool, my first time there!!!
Btw, it's free for Singapore Citizen and PR, so do go there and visit if you have time cause we did spend quite some time there actually and it's superheroes theme now!!!





On the 2nd floor, you actually get to see a few little corners of the history of Singapore. And you will be amazed by what you didn't learn in history! At least for those in my generation... haha...

Toured around Clarke Quay since we have spare time, and took a tourist pic!!! :)


Yesterday, I went out with my 2 colleagues to Ippudo Tao at MS road!!!
My first time, and the ramen was fantastic! I really drank up the room and ate the noodles all of it!
Love it!!! Will definitely come back again!
Note to self: There's Ippudo at Mandarin Gallery, but without the "Tao" word. :)

Guess which is mine? ;)
The pork bun that super craved by chloe.
Not a fan of this though.

We then headed to Laurent Bernard for desserts, and it was heavenly!!!
The dark chocolate was perfect!
Missed my dark chocolate for soooo long...
The praline that came with my cup of mocha even had coconut taste in it!  
I think it's special lah. Never taste before mah.

Been eating a lot this week ... shall control!!!!

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