Monday, September 22, 2014

Arteastiq x Dancing Crab at the Grandstand

Happy Birthday Karin! What I love about second half of the year is i'm celebrating something almost every month! haha isn't that something to look forward to?
Anyway this month, is Karin's celebration!
Our friendship isn't very long, I knew her through Ed cause Ed and I were close colleagues in Abbott.
And as more outings came along, I knew her more and she's not that sort of bitchy girlfriends if u know what I mean.
Easy to get along and not fake!
This year, we decided to do something different! which is....
Painting & drinking tea. hahaha...
Arteastiq is a place for tea lounge and art jam.
It's main boutique is at Mandarin Gallery, but we went to the one at Turf City Grandstand because of our dinner reason. hehe.
You can check out the website below.
So before we began, we shall start with a tea break cake!
We abruptly started singing her birthday song publicly. hahaha..
Glad that arteastiq people were nice enough to even lend us empty tables for this. :)

Love this group shot. Dunno is Karin's new camera or the lighting.. we all look good! hehe..

Arteastiq at grandstand is slightly smaller and not as private as Mandarin Gallery. It's an open concept where people can walk around and look at what you are doing.
So we sit like a zig-zag which makes is more spacious cause you can put your drinks on the seat beside you.
There are templates of drawing that you can choose to draw, or you can always bring your own picture and draw it there.


The social painting is 3 hrs, and ggh was so eager (more eager than the birthday girl) then he began first to draw. #likeaboy
Below is the "true" picture of what we should be drawing. 


First time we looked all so serious...
3.5 hrs later.... we extended a 30min cause we couldn't finish! Never underestimate painting itself man. I thought drawing was the toughest part. But I was wrong! Painting itself look close to 2hours! Need to remember those small little details must use the fine tip paint brushes...
Ed finishing touches - his name. lol...
and our wonderful painting! Isn't it pretty?!
I think all of us did a great job!
As the outlet at grandstand closes at 6pm actually, they were so nice to wait for us till 6.30pm and packed our painting for us!
Wonderful service and super friendly people! Thumbs up!
P/s: You are allowed to bring home the brushes when done, if you want.

After such a peaceful (I hope!) session, time for dinner!!!
Much awaited for (at least for me!)...

Dancing Crabs!!!

We booked for 7pm and had to get out by 8.30pm. Therefore, without hesitation, we quickly ordered our food.
Having done my research, I knew sort of what to order.
While waiting for our food, photobomb, with our disposal aprons. hahhaa..  

Cornbread $5.00
It was so-so by itself, but good for dipping sauce and eat.
Spicy Cajun Fries $7.00
This was good and crispy!  
The main!!! We ordered the Combo Bag #1 $80.00 which consist of Sri Lankan Crab, 300g prawns, 250g mussels, potatoes, corn and sausages. For the sauce, we tried their Spicy Dancing Crab Signature sauce. They have mild, spicy or extra spicy.
The spicy kicks in after awhile when you keep eating the sauce. So if you cannot take spicy, choose the mild one.
But the sauce was awesome! We used the cornbread and fries to dip the sauce!
It has that spicy tanginess in it. Shiok.

We also ordered the Crab Cakes $13.00
The best under their snack list!!!! Chunky juicy meat!! I could have re-ordered this!

Also, the lobster roll $23.00
the lobster meat is cold, while the bread is hot.
I felt the meat was so-so only. But the bread was tasty by itself!
I could skip this next time given the price and the so-so taste.
Having not enough of seafood, we ordered somemore! But this time we ordered 1kg of Sri Lankan Crab with Herb and Butter sauce $58.00
The sauce was alright I felt. Abit too oily in my opinion.
I preferred their Signature sauce.

Nonetheless, we felt satisfied with the meal and it was great!
Would definitely go back again to try their other food!
Best for big groups where you can order more and share!
Our total bill for 4 pax came up to about $240 and there was a 15% discount for DBS/OCBC thereafter which gave us a bit of savings!
Promotion for DBS is valid till 31st Oct 2014 (Not valid for eve of PH, PH and special occasion) 
Below is the menu.
Go on their website to make reservations!


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