Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pulau Ubin + Chock Full of Beans

Quick update before my dinner. Today was an exercise day! Went to Pulau Ubin for cycling early in the morning!
Woke up earlier than my usual work days ... hahaha...
But was glad that the rest are also onz to have breakfast together!
Met at 8.15am for breakfast at change village before taking the boat to Pulau Ubin.
The boat ride cost $2.50 (single trip) and additional $2.00 for bicycle.
Think we too long didn't ride slopes.. this time round it felt tougher than my usual ECP cycling... haha... I came down and walked with my bike for those steep slopes. hehe...
However, we all felt that we rode faster to Chek Java cause it took less than 30min.
Took a shot along the way back after Chek Java; peaceful mangrove.
Selfie with a good camera by Sylvia!
So tempted to get such camera!!! But I'm sure it cost quite a bomb. bleh... :(
Shall save up for next year purchase (hopefully!)
After burning fats, we went to Chock Full of Beans which is nearby for brunch! It's famous for its 3D art lattes! :)
We ordered a few to share since we weren't really hungry..
Buttermilk waffle with caramelized banana. It's okay, not too sweet, but I think Udders waffles are still the best. haha.. But this was good enough for me cause I didn't expect it would pass.
Nachos cheese. No need to order this. I think GV nachos are better.
Chock Full of Big Breakfast.
This was big. Good for sharing. The bread actually taste good on its own! The sausage weren't salty too. But the eggs were..... soso only. Had better ones elsewhere. 
Portobello Mushroom!
It looks black and burnt, but it was surprisingly good and juicy!
We actually order a salad but I think we were busy taking pictures of the coffee that we neglected the best food!
The chicken mesquite salad was the best! The sauce with a little spice marinated was so good!
Must try!!!
And here comes the 3D art we requested!
Note that 3D art is subject to availability of the barista, and it takes about 30minutes for them to come. Also, a table cannot have all 3D art, you will need to ask the waiter to check with the barista.
We had 7 people, and 4 had 3D art. Fair enough I felt.
Oh, and the 3D art is only for Ice coffees (excl. black coffee and rose flavoured).


 I think the bear is the cutest!!!! :)

I think the food and the coffee is not bad to come another time. And no need to queue too!
p/s: they sell ciders and beers too! ;p
Chock Full of Beans
Blk 4 Changi Village Road #01-2090
Singapore 500004

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