Friday, January 16, 2015

oh hello 2015!

Hello 2015! Just like that, half a month of 2015 is gone... not that I am neglecting this space, but well, life caught up too much of stuff.
On the very first day of 2015, a new child is born and added to the Lim family tree.
My eldest bro have a daughter, Charlotte.
Such light little baby.
2 weeks passed, and.... I as an aunt, haven really got to carry her because she has been sleeping all day long and with Lucas around, I had to have my focus on him instead of his little sister.
2 kids in a family, I can feel it. Tired to the max..., for just playing and staying alert. haha...
Shortly after, my weekend was spent with mahjong kakis and also another day with my SHE girls.
Haha..... they came over for steamboat. All the way from the west and north okay?!?!?!
All of them stayed like jurong and yishun so willing to come to bedok. What you would do for food and gossips. Hahaha..
anyway, we tried the home packed Hao Di Lao soup base, and it was equally good!!!!
Equally spicy! Worth it for the price comparing how much you pay at the actual place.
Thumbs Up!
Also took this chance to celebrate Esther's birthday!
We almost celebrate CNY tgt. hahaha.

Bought her requested Durian cake from Emicake.
I'm surprised by how it tasted so good even though it's emicake. Didn't know they were popular for Durian though.
Happy birthday Esther!
Don't travel so often. hehe.

Have been busy visiting the new born on weekends and with meet ups... and also on running practice cause GGH and I are aiming to run twice a week to train for stamina to do a climb.
Don't know when, but i'm sure it will be this year!
So many things to accomplish before I say bye to my twenties!


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