Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The last of 2014

Time flies isn't it.
We are at the last day of the year. My year in review....

Left my first company Abbott and joined another major player. Was a very tough decision, and I still do miss my colleagues. It became more of a family than colleagues.

Completed my studies and obtained my professional certs. This was a long journey, considering all my friends not already not studying... haha... Learning is a lifelong journey, and I do believe in it. It is not only textbook oriented, but also real life experiences makes you learn as you grow. It's the perspective on how you see things then you will be able to realise that you are learning.

Travelling is also a learning process. Learned about different cultures, experiencing different lifestyles.
This year was fantastic, from Taiwan, Thailand, and Cameron Highlands. All of them are new experiences. Yes, even Thailand.... seeing temples the whole day was new. hahah

I also took up my first lesson in wakeboarding and on/off went for a few. It was challenging but fun as well. Managed to stand up for a longer period of time and learnt to go left and right. Will continue this expensive sport, but not so often lah.

Focusing on tax specialisation this year is in a way, a new role for me. I didn't see this coming. But it's something that I don't hate or dread. People don't believe me, but I really do like tax because it's challenging and it changes with the economy. It's not dead.

I must say this year really has been a wonderful year for me, blessed with many true friends around, and happily in a relationship, and enjoying my super work-life balance career. haha...
Next year....... let's watch. :)


Happy 2015 everyone!

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