Thursday, February 05, 2015

3 year old Lucas

Ok, Jan & Feb flew by too fast! Way fast for me to even catch up with my photos uploading and journaling all my events.
Decided not to go all the way back to January.. hence shall start on Lucas birthday!

It's actually his birthday today! But we celebrated in advance for him since today is a weekday.

Please let me braggg about this cake first. This is sponsored by his aunt... and he specially requested a Peppa Pig cake.... Cost me a huge amount! Well, huge amount for a cake so small lor. Comparatively.

But what to do?! Love him so much that I decided to part with my money to see him sooo happy.
He was really very happy and excited to see his cake. To the fact that he asked his mum to keep the train and his name in a container.... hahha... I hope he don't actually eat it...

Lucas, I hope you remember this though. If not, your aunt will remind you when you are older. :p

My sis-in-law's family.

My bro's family with Godpa & Godma.

So happy singing away....

Kids nowadays are getting smarter than before. Technology does make them know more things at a younger age.
Seeing all of them growing up so quickly, I understand the woes and joys of a family. It's really not easy to juggle all of them. And both parents must support each other. Finding a right partner is definitely an important part, and mutual understanding of each other will help to have a balanced lifestyle. #justrandomthoughts

Anyway, the very next day we actually celebrated Charlotte's full month. That's why this aunt is so busy. Cause I had to prepare for Lucas birthday cake, and prepare his gifts to his schoolmates, and preparing Charlotte's decoration.
Thankfully, I had the help of GGH. He really helped a lot and my sis-in-law actually commented his talent. OKAY...... he isn't very talented to me .... well.. he is not the sweet type mah.... but occasionally he does display his talent... but NOT TO ME... :(
The deco was not bad lah... I just didn't think of it mah.... I got so lousy meh?.... haha

ok, shall update soon. cya.


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