Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wheeler's Yard

Because the boyfriend and I had been spending our dates on exercising and there's just too little time for dates left, this was our first official date in 2015. Like really just to two of us going on non-exercise, normal dating times.
So, GGH planned on this date. Told me to wear our 1st couple tee out together....
There's a reason why...
Cause he brought me to Wheeler's Yard. That explains why he wanted to wear the black couple tee. (btw, he also bought a white couple tee).
The black couple tee was a cycling graphic design.
And, Wheeler's Yard is a garage café with cycling stuff deco.
Totally forgot to take pictures of the surrounding and their default blue signboard. Guess I was too hungry.
My brunch was Smoked Salmon and scrambled eggs.
The salmon was okay, but the eggs is absolutely not fantastic. Food was meh.
We also shared mushroom soup and garlic bread. Soup was also a disappointment. Although it has chucks of mushroom, but the mushroom didn't taste fragrant.
GGH ordered the grilled chicken under the main course and it was passable.
I probably wouldn't go back here again cause the food really... isn't worth it.
The average cost of mains were around $18++...
Had much better food with that kind of price.

Went shopping for a travel backpack but couldn't settle for one. Really like the salomon red bag but it cost like 280 after 15% discount. Cannot bring myself to buy such an expensive bag.
 Ended up watching the thai movie in the evening which was really funny. Great show!

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