Saturday, February 21, 2015

Full of Meh-Meh celebrations

How's your new year so far?
Mine was boring... but as usual boring lah.
Probably the only difference this year was accompanying my mum to guan yin temple at bugis. Could feel the atmosphere of new year.
February new year is always a hectic one. cause there's many celebration like our dear yuez bday who falls on one of the cny days. So have to plan for another day to celebrate in advance.
Went to hai di lao!!!
As usual, OVERATE! The soup was superb that I kept drinking it. hehe.

The waitress stopped us from ordering so much the first time round .. but end up, we ordered again 2nd time after our food was running low. haha. How glutton we are.

Went for a walk down to PS due to overeating... and ended up at Starbucks (our usual hangout)...
But somehow I kinda prefer hanging out at starbucks/ any other chill out places cause it's the time where we can chit chat anything under the moon. Auntie mood on.

On Valentine's Day, it was my family reunion and GGH wasn' feeling well too so we didn't go out.
He came over to deliver hamper to my dad then go orchard area to shop for my dad new year shirt.
Walked down Paragon Soup Restaurant for reunion dinner.
Ever since my brothers are married, we opted for early reunion cause they have to shuffle to in laws place for dinner as well.
Too much food that we couldn't finish lots of dishes!

Shortly after, GGH and I walked down the street of orchard before heading home.
My valentine present. Made by himself. :):):)
Because he thinks my chou chou is too dirty. hahaha... and smelly (but its not!)
So he made this himself.
Love the effort he put in. A child like picture ... chou chou can be for adults ok?! why only children can have chou chou?!
And my Line Camera plushies! I bought one Cony in the collection and decided not to get all cause too ex... This is much bigger that the rest of the collection.

And my TonyMoly facial mask! My only favourite right now!

To my unsweet boring bf, thank you for trying your best to be sweet, and putting effort in what I love and trying out my hobby. :)


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