Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Benji's wedding of the year: #benjixkelly

Haven't been up to date to my post as I was down for 2 weeks with flu, sore throat and everything else. Not only that, work has been quite a trouble. Had to make difficult decisions in my career as well. Well, in short, I haven't quite figured out what I want to be. haha... oh wells.
May started with a bang for Ben's wedding. His wedding is like wedding of the year lah. Everything so atas!!!
It was at Grand Hyatt with a theme Formal or Silver Elegance.
I would say 95% followed the theme! Very nice!
Grand Hyatt had renovated their ballroom and it was gorgeous!!! It used to be dull looking cause the carpet was dark green. But now, they even had their kitchen transparent so you know what's going on! U know, like the Din Tai Fung Xiao long bao like that.
Food was really good as well. Almost every dish tasted delicious.
Ben even had hired live band for songs!
But then again, I think no one really listened to it. All busy talking. haha...
The bomb. Abalone in a claypot for each and every one!!!
Of course, we hardly managed to get everyone get together, and hence it's the perfect time to take full attendance group photos!
My handsome kingsman. ;)
My only girl buddy in the group. :) 
All the "+1's". haha... we always name them that in group chat, which is very convenient.

And of course, the boyband and plus 1's. haha...
Though they really take crap sometimes, I do love the company of all of them.
Glad we are still going strong after more than 10 years.
Cheers to another 10 years, and seeing all of us in a wonderful chapter next. :):):)



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