Sunday, May 31, 2015

Siem Reap: Touch A Life Volunteer Half day

On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Touch A Life is half a day volunteer work.
During half days, the food is prepared for kids who come before/ after school. The door is always open for anyone and everyone. So that they do not worry about hunger and can concentrate in school.
We begin at 8AM, and as usual, begin chopping the ingredients.
I heard, sometimes when they do not have enough volunteer, they will have to work earlier.
There are 'permanent residents', and some are expats who are long staying there who help out regularly.
If you noticed, many food prepared are mainly vegetarian, because meat in Cambodia is expensive. And to ensure the funds are able to go a long way, Mavis will have to gauge the food they prepare.
But nonetheless, they are still delicious.
For the short period I was there, I always helped out at the omelette station. hahaha...
to steal some cooking methods. ;p
This is Chef Omelette Moh. He is born Iraq but stayed in New Zealand, and travelled to many countries for the past 4 years. Haa, the difference between western culture and Chinese culture.
The courage to let go of everything and go wander.  

By 11.30AM, food is ready and placed outside.
We will serve them in portions, and will take note if there are any second servings. This is make sure there will be enough food to go around by the end of the lunch servings.
Also, this will help future gauging for food preparations. NO food wastage in this house.
Every grain counts.

Before lunch begins, they are taught simple English and politeness to thank everyone for the food prepared.
Actually, the kids are already very respectful and polite because they would go around the house and greet everybody when they come, and before they leave, they will also do the same.
Queuing up for the food and no fighting is also practised here!
These kids, I noticed, they eat more rice than the dishes. Rice is their staple, and is a huge mountain!
We also played simple games with them and they had so much fun, yes, without any technology equipments. 



When each of them finishes their food, they have to wash their own plates and cups then wiping dry before they leave. How many of us do not wash our own plates?! 

For us, after everyone is gone, we will have to wash up the whole area and scrub clean because there will be ants if we don't.
This sums up a typical half day at TAL. Although it may seem nothing, but to everyone in the house, and the owner, all efforts made are very appreciated by them.

I may not be able to do great things, but I can do small things with great love.


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