Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dean & Deluca Orchard Central

We haven't had many dates since April cause we were just too busy and catching up with so many other things.
So, after bugging him for such a long time, we managed to have a 1 "us" time together and finally got to watch The Avengers like after soooo long.
Had to give him an early call just to make sure he won't be late for our date. Yes, he sleeps a lot. haha
And, he also says I sleep very little. That's a huge difference for both of us.hahaa...
Headed over to Dean & Deluca at Orchard Central for a nice quiet brunch.
I didn't wanna go to one that required long waiting time and noisy crowd, hence decided on this!
Any time is a good time for rainbow cakes! hehe...
This rainbow cake has a very strong grape taste which I think it came from the purple layer.
Apparently I read somewhere that it uses fresh fruits to induce the colour.
Don't know true anot, but grape definitely is one of it.
It's not dense, so you won't feel like eating until very jelat.
Had a savoury breakfast - the caramel fresh toast with ice cream and fruits.
It was nice at first, but after eating towards the end, it felt jelat.
Both of us shared this and we couldn't finished too.
The bread is too dry on its own, and the caramel syrup wasn't enough.
Overall I felt the place is quiet which is good for long chats and relaxing morning, but for food wise, wasn't very fantastic for its price.
Definitely preferred my Percolate coffee, and cakes. :)

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