Sunday, February 17, 2008

Friday went to Kbox at Kallang Leisure with 2H .. until 4am. went to Mac at West Coast. then was sent home at 6am by CEO... had difficulty sleeping cause stomach pain...
Next day woke up at 9.30am. went to President yak house (aka my darling) =) for bai nian. had lunch over there then rotted there cause stomach pain super unbearable.... then my darling dunno is smart or act smart (hahahahaha) .. gave me eat panadol le then eat chinese medicine... eat the chinese medicine i teared a few drops .. sobsobsob.... all her fault ... then i became her 'guinea pig' for doing nail art... then slept awhile then around 7pm got ready for the 2H reunion cum 10yrs anniversary dinner. while waiting for giam to fetch us, i became a guinea pig again. she tied my hair using a special type of hair-tie.

So, overall verdict of service is not bad lar... can be improved ... HAHAHA... she's gonna kill me.

so anyway, went to pick jr then went over to Sinma Live Seafood Restaurant to eat. Ate abit only cause not feeling well .. haiz.. =( ...

after that went to clarke quay to drink and watch soccer and chill. went home super early. sent home by giam again... hhaha... quota reached this month: 3.

How many more to go? 27 times! *grins*

pictures took while waiting for the late CEO. =) how red ...

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