Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Helo, been busy for the past two days.. Working at Hyatt for Airshow meeting and also Brunei minister forum...
At night still meet dewei and weilin out... until 12 midnight... talk alot of rubbish..
the next day still meet them also but this time including giam... talk rubbish again.. haha...
today went to school to study with sook kim.. sianz.. next week MOCK exam le...
monday- econs.
tuesday - MSM
thurs - POA
fri- banking
Next tuesday - POS
wed- HRM

ARGH!!!! must study!!!!!!

Today is Ming Yue's Birthday... my lover cum president.
This part is dedicated to her.

Dear Darling,

Really hope you like the flowers that weilin and i gave you.
Spend yr celebration happily k?
=For any happiness/sadness, there's always me=

yr VP

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