Thursday, June 05, 2008

end of exams

----03 . 06 . 08 ----

Exams are finally over!!! hahaha... inside the exam hall i wanted to just quickly finish and walk out before 3 hrs cause i just can't stand another minute inside knowing that i am going to be free of books le... haha... yup, the paper was good, easy, but i didn't do one part theory cause didn't memorise well enough. but i don't care!! 20 marks give u lor... hahaha... but hopefully no A also can get B lar...*cross-fingers*
After that, I went to teach tuition and went for dinner.
That day was a hapy and memorable day. =)=)=)=D=D=D

the next day, went straight to work at hyatt. so long didn't wake up at 630am le... haiz.. can't get up ... do conference until 6pm then went to settle last minute stuff then went home change and went to meet 2H they all at Bottle Tree Park. for wad? Prawn Fishing... and guess wad... i tot i was the latest.. turned out... i was the earliest... -_-"""" ... *ahem*
It's quite a nice place actually... scenery lightings was nice. and alot of swings to sit on... haha..
went home around 0130 cause next day have to wake up very early for conference post-masterclass. and haven pack also yet.

Right now sitting outside the conference room at Hyatt typing this... hehe.... too bored already... and better post if not very long then can post again..
Will be going Penang for holiday until monday .. hehehe....
don't worry, will try to ta-bao penang laksa, char kuey tiao, chee cheong fun, dou sa bing... *yum*yum* ... hahahaha...

Love u guys ... bye...

--sweet, special, surprising, memorable, touching--0306--

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