Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yesterday met Ann at Raffles City for lunch and shopping cause he wanted to get LCD TV while I wanted to get cables.. Went to check out at Harvey Norman, Sim Lim, Mustafa .. and finally he decided to get Samsung 32" from my brother.. s went to Bishan to get it... haha.. then went Prawn Catching with ann, yuez and via... at Pasir Ri Farmway No 70. Godpa also say there quite good. Indeed, quite good catches... although ... it was very dark and dangerous... There actually more worth it than Bottle Tree Park .. we caught a total of 20+ prawns... i was lucky thou, caught 8/9... and i learnt how to pluck out the hook myself le... after much courage .. haha... Luckily today boss say no need go work .. if not sure tired...

Well, Godpa suggested other places too... maybe we can go there next time??

-- Farmart Centre at 67 Sungei Tengah Road---

-- Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 2 ---

-- Pasir Ris Park ---

Tmr gonna work at Rasa Sentosa for conference.. sianz.. super far... luckily can claim cab fare.. hehe.... today stayed home to clear my stuff and bills.. was surfing the net and saw my favourite SONY T300 camera... haiz... super tempted to get this... now sony came out with new W300.. but dun like the design ... although the specs are better... but i still love the T300 design...

i'm going to bug my brother to get this for me... hehehe...

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