Tuesday, June 24, 2008

haven been updating.. so just a few updates before i kanna complained for not writting..

Over the weekend,

Went prawn catching.. --- super failure.. damn suey.. didn't catch anything. er think 2 only.. haiz.. sianz...

saturday, went to settle work appointment. then went downtown east to watch Get Smart. Not as nice as i expected leh .. haiz.. but still it's funny lar... not bad...

sunday, went work then mr. bf bluff me go TM shop shop... in the end, he bought tix for mr. zohan movie cause i wanted to watch badly but this week no time watch at all... haha... idiot...
then after that, he did smt sweet.. hahaha... ;) ... but i'm still sad... cause my necklace spoilt!!! sobsob.. dunno can fix not..

monday, 7.30am work until 10pm at raffles city.. boring and tiring.

today, 7am work until 9pm.. boring and tiring and shag.

end of summary. short and sweet. good night.

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