Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Celebration

Jay Chou celebrated his 30th birthday on Sunday in a Hong Kong cinema. The two most important women in his life - his mother and grandmother - showed up at the birthday celebration and the latter even gave a peck on his face.

The birthday celebration was done together with the premiere of his new music video "Dragon Knight". This MV involved the most actions and stunts; some of them conceptualized by Chou. One of the scenes in the MV which involves him saving the female lead, also include high risk blow up scenes. The perfectionist in him suffered much during the filming.
Having been in the industry for eight years, this is the first time that Chou is celebrating his birthday with his fans. With regards to the birthday celebration in the cinema, he said the MV is shot in movie standard, explaining why he chose to premiere the MV in the theatre.

When asked about his birthday wish, Chou laughed and said he wished to be more mature. But it is also he has the imagination of a child, that he is able to write songs of different genres.
His mom shook her head in disapproval when he expressed wish to get a sports car worth S$4million to reward himself.
Rumors has it that Chou has been invited to take on the role of Bruce Lee for the sequel of movie Ip Man; but he said it has yet to be decided.

And that was his birthday. His birthday which was on the 18th, was my eldest brother birthday too!!! My brother is 32 now. We went to Bishan and eat cause my elder brother was working... so must accommodate him... Almost died of hunger while waiting for him. All oof us was discussing his coming New Year to do stuff. Dad brought us bah kwa for mr. bf and godma. and also bought abalone. haiz... many things to do still...

We first "lao yu sheng". First time leh!!! haha.. cause complimentary. =)=)

then we ate our (my bro and me lar) favourite "cold plate". the "snails" very nice!!! hehe. then got 2 vegetables, very nice tofu whih i dunno call wad. then 2 crab. one chill one black pepper. cannot finish at all. haha.

anyway. went shopping for new year clothes today! hehe. tiring. think thursday i going shopping myself liao. haha. still need to get goodies. hmm...

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