Friday, January 30, 2009

CNY Pictures

Introducing my family members... haha.. taken over the 'reunion' dinner.Got too bored liao..

My Eldest Brother (I asked him to give me a pose - he gave this)

Caught Unglam


From Left to Right: Mr. bf, my 2nd Bro's gf, 2nd Bro, Daddy. Behind: Mummy
Going visiting is sometimes really a pain... haiz.. anyway, I watched The Wedding Game already .. cause Day 1 night nothing to do.. so went with bf's sister and xiao yi and all his cousin (girls) no guys.. 7 people... we took up the whole row... hahaha... But not very nice show though...
The 3rd day, I went to the temple to pray my ah-gong, ah-ma at Kembangan. First time seeing them. ...

Yesterday after work went to meet up with Chao Yuan and Wendy cause I didn't go for their wedding. Met up at Toa Payoh. They gave birth to a baby boy! name is called Darius. very cute.. but very naughty..

He shitted once i carried him.. hahaha... very funny... then he keep crying also dunno what's wrong.. haha... and he likes to beat me.. =(... very cute.. haha ..
later going to meet my bffs at PS.. =D

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