Wednesday, January 07, 2009

brand new 2009

School started. Time to have serious studying. Advance timetable for our exams are out. Hopefully it stays the same because i have no two exams on a single day. thank god. but still they are consecutive days though...

Well, shortly after the new year countdown, we saw fireworks from his house. After that, we went to 7-11 to buy cup noodles and eat outside, sitting on the stairs. haha. this is the way of spending our new year. haha. what's your new year celebration?

past few days didn't do much but getting ready for start term (i'm not ready yet)...
boss not back in singapore because on new year, her brother's son 19yrs old died on a car accident - the car skidded and went off the mountain in delhi.
haiz.. seems like this 2009 didn't start with good blessing.. people around me seem to be not okay.
just pray everything will be alright.

anyway, it's 1230pm le. off to school.
Chinese New Year coming.. any plans? where's our reunion dinner? --> new place?? new location?? somewhere near macpherson?? *hint*hint* hahaha...

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